Concordia and the City of Fribourg

The region of Fribourg is one of those rare and charming areas in which muses are happy to linger in. The density of choirs and musical companies in Fribourg and in particular the quality of their performances are some of the best indicators of the importance and role of music in our city as well as in our canton.

One of the major attractions of the Concordia musical corps is the melding of men and women from all walks of life and thus the way it manages to transcend all social barriers. The sole objective of the corps is to bring together enthusiastic musicians and their audiences, nothing else.

Concordia as the official musical corps of the city of Fribourg takes part in all festivals and celebrations of the city. s a musical ensemble it is a role model, boasts of excellent talent and honours its city without sacrificing the friendship and camaraderie between its members.

On the plaque commemorating the 100th anniversary of Concordia in 1982, Michael Charrière had the following to say: “A City, a Society”. In the face of this powerful connection between the city of Fribourg and the society, it is difficult for me speak of each individually. When I mention the one then I invariably end up talking about the other.

A repetition of the rich and colourful history of Concordia seems so unnecessary. Nevertheless, there are two historic episodes regarding the relationship between the corps and the city that bear mentioning:

The first is Concordia being awarded the title “official musical corps of the city of Fribourg” by the municipal council on the 23rd of November 1938. The authorities thus honoured the dedication of three Concordiants, Armand Spicher, Alfred Michel and the administrator Ernest Lorson, – all three Presidents of Concordia
at various times between 1928 and 1943 – for their artistic merits and achievements.

This award is an important milestone in the history of the musical corps and showed the paths traveled by the corps that originally hailed from the „Auge-Viertel“.

The second notable episode was the participation of Concordia in the first meeting between the Cities of Fribourg and Nova Friburgo in Brazil in 1977. The incredible emotional intensity during the concerts and parades that took place during this meeting could only be brought about by the joy felt by the cousin cities at discovering each other.

Yes, the city of Fribourg takes pride in its musical corps that so magnificently represents it not only in Switzerland but also abroad.

As an essential participant in local life, as a school for discipline and as a place of friendship, Concordia, as one of the best musical companies of this country, is able to look towards the future with confidence.

Dominique de Buman
President of the Swiss National Council
Member of the Swiss National Council
Honorary member of Concordia