L’Amicale concordienne with its over 60-year history aims to:

  • connect its members through friendship
  • support and ensure the moral continuity of Concordia
  • provide financial support to its parent society and her Music school

“L’Amicale Concordienne” is comprised of the members of Concordia, in particular the honorary members, the veterans, the former members, their spouses as well as all extended friends of Concordia.

For all those that have had to bid farewell to active membership, “L’Amicale Concordienne” often remains the only connection through which they can access information about current activities of Concordia, be it concerts, competitions, trips, events and more.

Currently the society has 135 members. The membership fee set by the general assembly is CHF 40.00.

The manner in which donations are distributed is decided upon by the members of Concordia during the annual general assembly that takes place each January in accordance with the statutes of “l’Amicale Concordienne”. This event is also an opportunity for the members to get together in order to once again perform rousing musical performances.

Have we aroused your interest? If so, please do contact one of our board members regarding a membership.

You are all cordially invited to join.


Jacques Mondoux


Norbert Clément
079 213 47 37


Claude-Eric Boschung


Catherine Bart


Claude Schaer
026 401 14 29