The Amicale Concordienne looks back on a history of over 70 years. Its goals are :

  • to offer its members a network in a spirit of friendship
  • to offer financial support to Concordia and its cadets

The Amicale unites in its ranks people who are close to the Concordia, in particular honorary members, veterans, former members, active members and, in the broadest sense, all friends of the Concordia.

For former members, the Amicale Concordienne is often the only source through which they are informed about Concordia’s activities, such as concerts, competitions, travel, events, etc.

Today our association has 153 members.

The annual membership fee set by the General Assembly is 40 Swiss francs.

Decisions on the allocation of support contributions are made at the statutory General Assembly, which is usually held at the beginning of the year. The meeting is also an opportunity for a reunion, where one remembers the good times, one was able to experience with the Concordia.

We invite you to join us and welcome you already.

Are you interested ?

Then contact us by e-mail : or contact one of the board members.


Jacques Mondoux


Norbert Clément


Claude-Eric Boschung


Catherine Bart


Helen Frey

Statutes of the Amicale Concordienne 2020 (in French)