La Concordia in the wind orchestra world championship

La Concordia de Fribourg sparkles in the highest divistion Harmony Concert during the World Music Contest in Kerkrade (NL).

La Concordia has been invited to participate in the wind orchestra world championship because of its excellent results during the last national wind band contests. This is the story of the beautiful experience that touched the lives of the musicians who were lucky to join.

A first for La Concordia

The World Music Contest (WMC) is organised every 4 years. The event is no doubt the best known and largest wind music festival in the world. It is held in Kerkrade, in the south of the Netherlands, not far from Maastricht and Aachen. La Concordia had the luck to be invited to participate in the Concert division, the most prestigious category.

The orchestra took part for the first time in its history, as a logical step after the cantonal and national wind band contests in the past years. The WMC is a wonderful fermata to this triptych, offering the mu-sicians an opportunity to measure themselves with the most distinguished wind bands.

Swiss composers’ excellence under the sign of the rainbow

In the scope of this contest, La Concordia ordered an original, ambitious work to Jean-François Michel, a Fribourg composer and renown trumpet player. Pillared by two pieces by Oliver Waespi (Divertimento and Out of Earth), Michel’s first symphony Colours of live has formed a rainbow through the program of La Concordia.

Indeed, the organizers of this year’s WMC expected a touch of spectacle from the highest division or-chestras. La Concordia revealed a light beam on stage for each movement played, finally resulting in a wonderful rainbow, thereby putting the Swiss compositions in the spotlight.

With this colourful program, La Concordia embodied the quote of Alain Debeaupuis “Music is to silence what the rainbow is to light : it unveils it, enlarges it, emanates and goes toward it”.

Jean-Claude Kolly in front

For almost a quarter century, Jean-Claude Kolly has been leading La Concordia, living by the Tibetan saying “When you’re at the top of the mountain, keep climbing”. This expression illustrates the humility and the vision of the conductor, who continuously tries to lift up the orchestras he leads. In Kerkrade, Jean-Claude Kolly was able to have the musicians actually like the technical difficulties by means of intelligent rehearsing. His perfect knowledge of the two Swiss composers allowed him to integrate their music perfectly in the project. Is there a recipe for such a goal ? “No miracle, just constant and regular work, and the presence of everyone in rehearsal”.

The road to the big day

The challenge of La Concordia started with a preparatory concert together with the Bernese Sibo in the Aula of the University of Fribourg on July 9. The heat of the hall and the support of the enthusiastic au-dience were both good for getting in condition.

The trip to Kerkrade was an opportunity for the members of La Concordia to visit the cities of Stras-bourg, Maastricht and Aachen. It also forged friendships through a concert given in Eijsden together with the Koninklijke Oude Harmonie, which also competes at the WMC. After the contest, the Concordians could finally enjoy the party in the city of Kerkrade, to decompress after the sacrifices. Some of them even chose to stay longer and discover the region. So far the beautiful challenge which will remain a wonderful experience, maybe to be repeated. The taste of the WMC really does make you feel like going back !

La Concordia is delighted to have participated in the 2017 edition of the World Music Contest, competing with the best wind bands worldwide. The orchestra is proud of its result in the highest category. The experience and the continuous progress that has been realised are a great reward. With these positive feelings in mind, La Concordia is getting ready to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Jean-Claude Kolly as its director in 2018.



La Concordia kindly thanks the private sponsors mentioned below, and the ones who wanted to remain anonymous. Their contribution allowed us to meet the challenge of going to Kerkrade.

Private persons
Georges Baechler, Granges-Paccot / Solange Berset, Belfaux / Charles Bertschy, Belfaux / Jacques Bourgeois, Avry / Jean Bourgknecht, Fribourg / Gérard Brodard, Lully / Félix Buntschu, Fribourg / Andrea Burgener Woeffray, Fribourg / Odilo Bürgy, Gurmels / Paul-André Cadieux, Villars-sur-Glâne / Pierre-Alain Clément, Fribourg / Georges Clerc-Barras, Fribourg / Charles De Reyff, Fribourg / Laurent Dietrich, Fribourg / Virginie Ducotterd, Grolley / Giancarlo Gerosa, Grolley / Jean Gobet, Marly / Jean-Marc Guinchard, Genève / Benoît Hemmer, Fribourg / Vincent Jacquat, Fribourg / Marjorie Jaquet A Marca, Granges-Paccot / Marcel Jolliet, Matran / Marguerite Jutzet, Fribourg / Erwin Jutzet, Schmitten / Pascal et Germaine Kolly-Kilchoer, Fribourg / Jean-Pierre Largo, Fribourg / Philippe Limat, Granges-Paccot / Armand Maillard, Villars-sur-Glâne / Pierre Marchioni-Weber, Fribourg / Claude Mottas, Misery / Olivier Neuhaus, Rossens / Roger Neuhaus, Corpataux / André Perler, Fribourg / Damien Piller, Villars-sur-Glâne / Olivier Pochon, Châtillon / Jean-Pierre Pochon, Avry-devant-Pont / José Progin, Fribourg / Michel Ramuz, Givisiez / Benoît et Marie-Claire Rey-Baeriswyl, Fribourg / Philippe Schaller, Fribourg / Roland Schmutz, Ecuvillens / Jean-Luc Schouwey-Fragnière, Marsens / Anne-Caroline Steinauer, Ependes / Hugo Stern, Montagny-la-Ville / André Spicher, Belfaux / Aldo Stritt, Matran / Wanda Suter, Fribourg / Cathy Tissot-Savoy, Cousset / Philippe Wandeler, Fribourg

Groupe E / Banque Cantonale de Fribourg / Angéloz Mode, Fribourg / Atelier d’architectes Charrière-Partenaires SA, Granges-Paccot / Art-Tisons SA, Rossens / Banque CIC (Suisse) SA, Fribourg / Bise Meubles, Tavel / Compagnie Financière Michelin, Granges-Paccot / Crausaz & Partenaires SA, Granges-Paccot / Déco-Stores SA, Charmey / Emelec SA, Givisiez / Fiduciaire Jordan SA, Fribourg / Gainerie Moderne, Givisiez / Getaz-Miauton SA, St-Légier-la Chiesaz / Glasson-Miauton, Romont / Guggiari Gestion, Villars-sur-Glâne / Helvetia Assurances, Givisiez / L’Etude Gillon Perritaz Overney Favre & Cie, Granges-Paccot / Lilinet sàrl, Farvagny / Longchamp Architectes SA, Villars-sur-Glâne / M & B Jordan SA, Villaz-St-Pierre / Neoperl AG, Reinach-Basel / Régie de Fribourg SA / Robert Gasser SA, Fribourg / Robert & Pascal Sallin, Villaz-St-Pierre / Sables et Graviers Tuffière SA, Posieux / Sapco SA, Givisiez / Serge et Daniel Bulliard SA, Granges-Paccot / Stephan SA, Givisiez / Transauto AG, Tafers / Vacherin Fribourgeois SA, Bulle / Vifor Consumer Health SA, Villars-sur-Glâne / Vonlanthen Sécurité, Fribourg

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