Supporting club

Dear future member,

Concordia, the official musical corps of the city of Fribourg is a symphonic band par excellence. Additionally it is fortunate enough to be led by the excellent director, Mr. Jean-Claude Kolly.

The rehearsals carried out with the help of three assistants to the director allow the corps to progress rapidly and to constantly expand its musical repertoire. Thus the dedicated musicians of the corps are able to take all audiences by storm.

Like any society Concordia needs financial resources to ensure the training of their cadets, to participate in national and international competitions and to buy the instruments so indispensable for a symphonic band. The new board of the society has thus been working hard these past several months to honour these commitments.

“Le Diapason” was founded in order to support Concordia. Due to my long standing relationship with Concordia, I assumed the title of President of “Le Diapason” with the greatest of pleasure.
“Le Diapason” aims to tend to each member individually, for example by providing him or her with reserved seats at Concordia concerts. Additionally each year a cocktail dinner as well as a concert is organized specifically for the members. This allows us to stay in contact with the members and also to thank them for their financial support.

I hope that I have managed to awaken your interest in supporting Concordia and that I shall be able to count on your support in the future. I’d also like to thank you in advance for standing by this great club as well as the culture and traditions of our country.

Your support is valuable and I’m very grateful for it.

Didier Carrard

Bulletin d’adhésion au Diapason


Sandrine Hermann
Route de la Fin de la Croix 12
1762 Givisiez